Your Happy Pill!

Do you find yourself restless, cranky or out of sorts on a regular basis? Are you tired, short tempered and stressed easily? Chances are you’re not engaging in activities that soothe your soul and bring you peace. Here’s an easy way to check:

–    write down 5 things that make you really happy.
–    Assess what you’ve written – are these things dependent on other people or are they things that you do on your own?

If they are dependent on other people you will have a challenging time to stay happy on a consistent basis as you are depending on others to get this “feel good” feeling. For example, if you say you are happiest when you are out on the town with your gal pals – what happens if all your friends drop off for one reason or another – you are suddenly depressed, right?

On the flip side if your 5 things are based on activities you can do yourself –i.e. meditation, yoga, writing – you are tapped in to the joys of your soul.  You have control over your mood and happiness. And you are vibrating at optimal level – if stressful situations come up, you can easily handle them

So, to stay sassy and spirited write out your 5 important things, make sure they are not dependent on others and make sure you do 3 of them every day to maintain emotional and mental health. This is your happy pill!!!