Your Focus Is Killing Your Dreams

Have you ever heard the saying “Where focus goes, energy flows” ? (Tony Robbins)
It means that you are putting energy into your focus, whether it is supportive or unsupportive, whether intentional or unintentional.

Many of us focus on the bad and don’t even realize it.

In my interview with Stacey, she tells a story about a time in her life when she was successful in nearly every aspect, then felt the desire to transition into motherhood. She talks about being very “excited about the possibility of having a family and what that next chapter was going to look like” for she and her husband.

They began to dream about family vacations and Christmas day — preparing themselves for the years to come.

They quickly began to realize that they had a problem. Then the problem became a struggle.

Stacey and her husband realized what they had to do first before everything would fall into place, and they could achieve their dream of having a family.

It turned out to be a true miracle.

Watch the video below to discover Stacey’s miracle and how you can apply it to your life too!

Sparkling Love,