You don’t have the ability to do something like that…

Did you ever tell somebody something sacred and then wish you hadn’t?

I remember when I was a teenager I was inspired to do a triathlon – I was ALL in… until I mentioned it to my dad. He pooh pooh’ed my ability so quickly it made me second guess myself and think, “yeah, he’s right, I don’t have what it takes” and that same day I gave up on the dream.

Fast forward 31 years….my nephew, a seasoned triathlete, encouraged me to consider a sprint triathlon ( a shortened version of Iron Man) and offered to coach me. I reconnected with my dream and finished the race.

More important than accomplishing my dream is the lesson I learned. WOW, soooo very valuable – and so very important!!!

In the video below I share the wisdom I gained – watch it and save yourself tons of time!!

Sparkling Love,