Would You Rather…

A client recently shared, “This journey is a long one.”  I could feel the heaviness in the statement and the truth it held for her. I immediately felt compassion because Lord knows I used to feel that way A LOT.

Especially when one thing after another knocks you down or takes you by surprise – it can feel like a tsunami of struggle and hardship.  It can make you feel frustrated, sad and hopeless. Leaving you to wonder when will things ever change, feeling like life is out of your control.

Ever happen to you?

Years ago, while in one such tumble of turmoil, I was blessed with a “light bulb” moment. Now, no matter what perceived hardship is going on in my life I thankfully know what to do to flip it around.

And the thing is, it’s such a simple tool and brings results in a split second.  My clients are all over it because it works, so I want to give it to you too. If you use it, it has the power to change your world.

If you feel like there’s a gap between your dream life (where you’re deeply loved, happy and fulfilled) and your current reality what I’m about to share will help you close that gap. It will also help you feel like you are in control of your life – hallelujah!! Taste the empowerment! Yes!

As you journey through life, and yes, for every breath we take on this planet we are on a journey – that doesn’t change. However, what CAN change is the way we look at it – this is the key, the secret.

When we shift our PERSPECTIVE about our journey we are suddenly filled with hope, strength and power.

Stay with me here and allow yourself to entertain another possibility than what you are currently experiencing…. what if the journey was easy and fun and filled with grace, adventure and happiness?

God says to be grateful for everything in our life – no matter if we perceive it to be good or bad. What if we sat in that gratitude consistently knowing whatever happens is a gift – even if we can’t see it now – we have the FAITH that something wonderful is going to emerge from whatever we are experiencing? I invite you to try that on and notice how it feels in comparison to thinking that it’s long, hard, full of struggle and unhappiness. I promise you the shift to gratitude will close the gap on what you are currently experiencing and what you would love.

Important for you to understand:

I’m not saying it’s going to feel natural or that you’ll be able to do it all the time – but even a 1% shift will make a big difference in your life results. And I know you can do it!!!!!

Think about childlike wonder. Right now I’m sitting at Starbucks and there is an adorable 3-year-old boy sitting next to me – he can’t stop smiling and wiggling in his seat in anticipation of the piece of banana bread and milk his mom is bringing to him. As she places them in front of him he squeals with happiness! Ahhhh life is goooood! Wouldn’t it be nice to be that delighted with something so simple?

It’s absolutely possible for you.

The question is, would you rather…. live a life of struggle, frustration and sadness OR one of ease, grace and joy?

It’s a no brainer, right? Who wouldn’t want a life of ease and grace?  The choice is ALWAYS yours. Claim it for yourself and make it so!!! All you have to do is shift your perspective.

That said, turning the titanic around can require a bit of support. So to help you get going with this new habit I want to invite you to a challenge.

For the next week I challenge you to see the beauty in your life. Each day set a timer morning, noon and night to remind yourself to observe or think about something that is beautiful to you and feel the gratitude. Let yourself bask in that warmth for 30 seconds and not only will you start to see things in your world in a whole different light you will feel wonderful and peaceful. It’s that simple, yet that powerful. Yesssssss!!!

I’m cheering you on 100%!!