With faith, miracles will happen

Would you love to see a miracle in your life? Maybe in your love life…or career…or health…or your finances…?

If this is speaking to you know, without a shadow of a doubt — it’s possible!!! All you have to do is believe…

Today I’m bringing you a powerful conversation I had with Gen Stoney, an incredibly strong, brave woman who overcame being a victim of sexual trauma and an addiction to alcohol.

Growing up, Gen struggled with learning, and that led to self-hatred. And drinking allowed her to escape the chatter in her brain like nothing else.

Drinking allowed her to feel like she could be herself. But it came at a price. The drinking led her to the strip club, which is where she had her first sexual trauma. After a second rape, she told herself that she was going to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

But rather than embrace self-love, she drank more. She had to get over trauma in her life, but she didn’t know how. After ending up in a psych ward for attempted suicide, she hit rock bottom. But what really helped her was that she met a man who she didn’t want to drink around. It was incredibly hard to avoid drinking, but she was determined, and wanted to stop.

Eventually they got married. However, things didn’t get easy after that. He started having an affair, and Gen was crushed. That was when the miracle happened…


Sparkling Love,