What Would You Do Today if You Knew it Was Your Last Day on Earth?

September 10 EmailOne of my most memorable mentors asked me to do an experiment a few years ago. She told me to live a day, just one day, as though it were my last on the planet.

What would I do? What would I think? What would I let go of? What would be a big deal?

People love to post quotes on the Internet about “living each day as though it were your last,” but it’s not too often that someone actually does it.

How would YOU spend your last day on Earth, gorgeous?

Here’s how I spent mine.

On a summer day, I hopped in the car and drove down to see a really good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a long time. During the drive, I was incredibly aware of my senses: I could feel the steering wheel under my hands, I could hear the hum of the engine and I could smell the fresh air spilling in through the cracked windows.

I was aware of the vibrant color of the sky and the pearly white clouds shimmering above.

In the moment, I was overcome with such an overwhelming sense of awe and gratitude for my life and for God that I started crying.

All I was doing was driving down the road, something we do about every single day here in California, and yet it felt incredible, spiritual and sacred.

The rest of the day was a series of blessings: yoga and deep,” unraveling” conversation with my friend, caramel biscotti and latte treat, sitting outside with my mom, holding hands and listening to the birds sing, ending the day with a movie I wanted to see.

I did the things that I looooove and spent time with people who mean the world to me. I was powerfully aware of every moment, and everything seemed to shimmer with opportunity and blessing.

As a matter of fact, that day I received a phone call out of the blue (or so it seemed but we all know when you’re flying high AMAZING gifts come your way) from a colleague offering to connect me with a New York Times best selling author who ended up helping me lay the groundwork for my book!

That said I have a challenge for you!

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