What to do when you are STRESSED OUT

imagesDo you ever feel like you just can’t catch a break? I’m not talking a day or two here or there – I mean weeks, months, maybe even years.

I get it – since April it seems like it’s been Mr. Toads Wild Ride – lots of health issues with my dad, rifts with my sisters, searching for a new home, de-cluttering and prepping for my move, my aunt passing, coming home from the funeral to find a beehive the size of a football field in the backyard, fever blisters up the ying-yang, the beautiful teacher I sponsored in Liberia dying a sad and untimely death at 33, business expansion – you name it, it’s happened LOL. But you know what? It’s really just life.

Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours and sometimes it’s like a tsunami coming at you – very rarely is it just peaceful.

So how do you create that peace in the chaos? How do you follow your truth no matter what? Stay on track with your vision?

Not surprising, the best way I’ve found to balance it all out and get back to your center is to have FUN!!! Make plans to frolic, dance, bike, hike, travel, explore, laugh and have sexy rendez-vous’s, fun flirty escapades, and new adventures in your life. You will de-stress pronto!

Harvard did a study that showed 50% of people live in the past or future – dwelling on negative emotions/experiences or anxious and fearful about what’s to come. It was concluded that these wandering minds are unhappy minds.

Play researcher Stuart Brown, MD, says, “Play quiets our busy minds, putting a stop to our constant barrage of thoughts about the past and future.” To see how this works stop reading for a moment – put all your focus and concentration into one big happy smile. Pretty impossible to have a negative thought, right?

Dr. Mark Beeman at Northwestern University did another interesting study. He found that people are able to solve a puzzle quicker after watching a short comedy clip. Tension is released when having fun and this activates neuronal connections helping for greater mental creativity and flexibility. When your mind is open it empowers you to deal with stressful situations and problem solve successfully.

All the studies showed how much more harmonious your life becomes when you engage in a good time.

In addition here are 5 more benefits to having FUN:

  1. Fun ignites the diamond in you – making you sparkle
  2. Fun creates an energy field that is magnetic to positive experiences
  3. Fun connects you to LIFE and other people – getting you out of isolation and feeling alone.
  4. Fun allows you to expand into joy and happiness where you are your most attractive
  5. Fun feeds and cleans your soul giving you fresh perspective

Since there is overwhelming evidence that playfulness begets peace, why not wake up and declare with great intention,
“I intend to have fun today- no matter what!” This simple act will help you stay in a positive flow so that you can stay on track with your dreams and follow your truth.

What are you waiting for? Go out and have some fun so you can say sayonara to the inner cyclones and hello to sparkling juju joy!

Let me know if this made a difference for you – leave a comment below.


  1. Aiysha September 11, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    Hi Sherri,

    Great article! I am one of those who lives in the past and future when I’m in isolation. In trying to keep myself busy and focus on the present tends to help.