What are you waiting for?

Interview Friday, May 28th @ 9 a.m. PST/noon EST with author Kristen Moeller

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I met Kristen two years ago at a Mark Victor Hansen Mega Book Publishing seminar when she was writing her book, Waiting for Jack. I am thrilled to honor Kristen in getting her book published, and making her incredibly important message available as of April! Congratulations Kristen!

The book is based on Kristen emailing Jack Canfield and waiting for his response…she became obsessed about hearing back from him and then like lightening was struck with the thought, “What am I waiting for? ! I’m putting my life on hold, giving my power away when I could be out there creating what I want.”

While reading Kristen’s book I started thinking how this applies to me, to you, to everyone. In particular I began reflecting on my experience with my coaching clients and students in my Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful Sexy Self – I see women of all ages and walks of life sitting back and waiting for their partner to take the lead to create the “sparkle” in their relationship. Do you dream of your guy turning into Don Juan and sweeping you off your feet? Or are you a slave to your never-ending to-do list thinking, tomorrow I’ll start living for me…

The reality is, you may be waiting forever and tomorrow may never come…creating deep feelings of anger and resentment, feeding beliefs that you are ¬†“not important” and “not enough” and that’ you’ll never have what you want. ¬†This is baloney but it’s up to you to change, stop waiting and take the necessary steps to get “YOUR sparkle on”, letting it spill over into your love life for relationship magic!

Kristen will help you do that in today’s call by sharing her success secrets and tell you how to:

  • disrupt the ordinary so you can live an extraordinary life
  • break the cycle of “waiting”
  • give you the 6 principles you must know to live with passion
  • deal with that nagging voice that stops you
  • explain why we look outside ourselves for answers and how to stop
  • …and so much more

I invite you to hop on the call live this morning so you can ask Kristen your most pressing questions about how to start living with purpose in the moment.

Empower yourself with a clear-cut path so you can move forward excitement!

Let me know what changes you are making to design your life for living fully present! xo Sherri