Valentine’s Day Celebrations for the Single Gal

If you find yourself single on February 14th don’t despair – defy cupid and indulge in some sassy solo pursuits OR grab your gal pals and live it up! Just because you are living in the land of singledom doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun! Here are some awesome options for a rockin Vday:

  • Cocktail Soiree – invite your single girlfriends over for a cocktail party. Welcome them with some divine Diva tunes (Aretha is always a crowd pleaser!). Set out some simple appetizers and set up a cocktail corner with some marvelous pink martini’s. Better clear the tabletops as some sexy, sassy dancing is sure to start.
  • Pamper Party – gather your gal pals for an evening of spa sensations. Tell them all to bring comfy robes and slippers and their drink of desire. Bring in a masseuse and manicurist – and spoil yourselves silly. Who needs a man anyway?
  • Shopping Spree – Since you are single and have no one to buy pressies for take that hard earnt money and splurge on yourself! Sashay into your favorite store and buy yourself a pretty little frock, or a strappy new shoe.
  • Movie Magic – Spend the night with your favorite heartthrob – hit up the local video store and grab their sexiest performances – whether it’s Johnny Depp, Zac Effron or ??? treat yourself to an endless night of eye candy
  • Romance Yourself – why not woo you? Write yourself a love letter, send yourself roses, spend the day doing your favorite things and rock your own world!

Try any of these five fun celebration ideas and Valentine’s Day is sure to be divine!