Understanding Men – They Get It, Why Don’t We?

Just got back from Alex Mandossian’s awesome Teleseminar reunion ( he taught me everything I know about how to get my message out to you).  What a great time connecting with so many interesting peeps.
I did find one thing alarming tho ladies and I am continued to be surprised by you…you are all beautiful, brilliant, magnificent… and yet there are far too many of you gals feeling uncomfortable about Unleashing your passionate buried desires to live, love and laugh romantically with freedom.
I hear the hesitancy in your voices – and the thoughts running thru your minds:
1) old Taboo’s about how the man should do all the wooing and romancing
2) If I do “that” will he think I’m “THAT kind of girl”
3) My body isn’t in shape
4) He’ll laugh at me
5) He’ll reject me
6) I don’t have time
7) Another thing to put on my “to do” list
But here’s the absolute most fabulous news that I MUST share with you after speaking with hundreds of men – when I tell them how I coach women to free themselves romantically and create more fun in their relationships to express their feminine voice the guys break out in these HUGE grins and their eyes begin to twinkle, they start to fidget and can’t seem to contain themselves. Why?  Because….
Girlfriends – please embrace your feminine power! Please start looking at your relationship with your man in a new light. Because the men have made it abundantly clear that they would be in heaven if you set the stage for playful passionate trysts. It would take the pressure off them to come up with romantic idea’s and they would absolutely take over once you provide the feminine space for them to enter into. You see they just weren’t raised to really understand how to romance you in the way you want to be romanced.
Key word here gal pals is “set the stage” – that means to be creative and set a mood – doesn’t mean to be aggressive and take charge – it means unleashing your feminine power to be fun & flirty. To be women!!! Doesn’t matter what you look like, short or tall, young or old, thin or curvy – men just get excited knowing you have made the effort, you are having fun and you’re happy.  You get the emotional  & physical connection, attention and intimacy you crave and they get the sexual connection – it’s a WIN-WIN.
After interviewing countless men they have all admitted to me that they just don’t know what to do and if they happened to have done something that didn’t please you in the past they are way scared to do anything again for fear of being off’ed.  They’re just scared little boys who want to please YOU.
I know, I know, it doesn’t always seem that way – but really hear what I’m saying and let that shift your perspective – when you are happy (and you will be when you’ve set up a fun time – get your girlfriends to help you plan – even more fun!) your man is going to be beaming and will be treating you like the Queen you deserve to be treated as.
So get back to play mode and start creating your next passion play!!! You’ll be Godess’ized!!!


  1. Julia December 5, 2009 at 11:52 am

    I agree. I am learning that after 25 years of marriage. I am having lots of fun.

  2. Sherri Nickols December 11, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Good for you Julia! That’s one of the secrets of a great relationship – having fun!
    Would love you to share some of the playful things you do together. If you would like to send me some of your escapades at sherri@unleashyourself.com I will post them…they will inspire the community of goddesses!
    Thank you Sparklepuff! xo Sherri