The Top 3 Distractions Blocking You From Living Your Dreams

arrow-945268_1920Are you a dreamer? Whether it’s about love, money, or health it’s very likely you have some vibrant visions of what you would like your life to be like.  Maybe you want to learn how to make the perfect plum pudding, travel to Egypt and meditate inside the pyramids, hike the grand canyon rim to rim, meet your soul mate or reignite your stale relationship. The truth is whatever your mind conjures up can come true – yeah baby!!! But at the same time there are more things than ever competing for your attention and distracting you from your dreamscape.

In my coaching practice I’ve found that every woman encounters distractions on the way to realizing her dreams. What separates those clients who succeed from those who don’t is whether or not they are able to get back on track with their goal focus. Since it’s inevitable you’ll be thrown a few curveballs the most important factor is how you handle the setbacks. Do you let the distraction take you down the rabbit hole or do you regroup, refocus and re-embark on the road to success?

While many situations steal our attention, I’ve found a pattern with the 3 biggest dream destroyers. These main three MUST be overcome if you want to experience the fabulous life you crave.

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