The Key to a Healthy Relationship 🗝

What is the number one key to a healthy and happy relationship?


Having patience and approaching problems with compassion and gentleness is crucial to being a loving partner.

If you think you can’t be any more patient than you already are, then this message is for you.

Last year, when I was moving, I rushed through my packing and did not pack as well as I could have. I grabbed all my necklaces and stuffed them into a bag. When the time came to unpack, I pulled out the necklaces to find a big tangled mess. I needed to gently and patiently work through all of those little knots and tangles with care.

The same goes for relationships. To sort through relationship complications, you need the same three characteristics: gentleness, care, and patience.

Developing patience will set you up for relationship success. Next time your relationship hits a snag, you can step back, slow down, and figure out how to move forward with love.

Sparkling Love,