Success – What Does it Take?

Refuse to quit!
I read an article today about what it takes to succeed by one of my favorite mentors – Mary Morrissey. It really inspired me to stay the course with my book no matter what challenges come up. I’m at a point where on the one hand I can see light at the end of the tunnel but on the other I’m getting tired of it and losing some steam so her words came at a PERFECT time for me to remember my end goal and know success is achieved through never quitting.

Whatever project or area of your life you may be struggling with, take a few minutes to read Mary’s motivating message….

“A real success is not someone who has never failed, but someone who has never quit.”

Every one of us has ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes those downs seem so convincing that we’ve thought we are just going to quit in one part of our lives or another. Maybe it’s our health, a relationship or a new project…

Remember that every person experiences what looks like failure or disappointment in their life. A success is not someone who doesn’t fail, but someone who absolutely refuses to quit. Don’t quit today. Play full out and have a great day.”

Let me know if this renewed your hopes and dreams… xo Sherri