Struggling with Heartbreak? Let’s Talk – My Gift to You

I hope you’re doing well. I know life can be a bit of a rollercoaster these days, especially when you’re juggling so much. 

How about you? 

You most likely are an absolute rock star in your professional life, but what about your relationship or personal life? Is it also thriving or has it taken an unexpected turn and now you find yourself feeling a bit lost or heartbroken? If so, you are not alone – I chat with many women every week who tell me the same thing. Trust me, I get it.

In uncertain times, it’s easy to feel anxious and unsure of where to turn. That’s why I want to extend a special gift to you – a 45-minute coaching call this week, completely free. No strings attached, no pitch to become a client. Just pure support and love from me to you, valued at $350.

Why am I doing this?

Because I’ve been where you are, and when I got to the other side it became my calling to serve/support and help other women heal their hearts and souls. 

This is never more clear to me than when I have the opportunity to discuss the results of my coaching with clients…for example, last week I was humbled by a conversation I had with a client who had just completed some 1:1 coaching with me…she said the loving and caring guidance she received had healed her broken heart. I felt like a proud and blessed mom. Wow, I am so blessed to be doing work that is so fulfilling.  

So please take advantage of this gift, and think of it as a safe space where you can share, vent, and find some clarity. 

It’s first come, first served, so if this sounds like something you would love, it would be my honor to support your needs. Click here to schedule a time.

I’m here for you, and I truly believe that together, we can navigate your challenges and find a path to peace and calm.

With love and faith,