Stiletto’s Anyone?

What woman doesn’t “feel” like a WOMAN in a sexy new pair of stiletto’s?  Your legs look longer, your calves curvier and if you didn’t have a cute little tushie before, you do now!

As you can see I’m in the thick of things at a big Macy’s sale – so many shoes, so little time:-) As part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Challenge my friend Janka and I decided to have some fun trying on all sorts of styles.

And you know what we discovered? It’s irrelevant whether you purchase or not, just slipping on a delicious pair of shoes and imagining ourselves on a date, sitting pretty, at a sparkling event, at a speaking engagement, you name it…was enough to excite and inspire us and remind us how fabulous it is to be a woman!

Go get your pretty feet in some sensational sandals now!!