How to Shimmy into Solid State Emotion

Last week we dipped our big toe into the idea of creating more balance when our life is bobbing about from emotional and physical circumstances. We talked about finding stability amidst the underlying wobbles of life. You were given a 5-step formula not only to keep you afloat, but for flowing intentionally – so you can consistently make progress towards your desires and dreams. How are you doing with that?

This week would you be willing to go a little deeper lovely? I’m not talkin’ full plunge, just shimmying in up to your waist line… It will be worth your while!

Ok let’s do it! I’ve been having some powerful conversations with my Sparkle Sister Circle about the key to building more of a grounded foundation – based on ONE thing only and I want you to be privy to it.

Basically we’ve been talking about what Gay Hendricks calls ‘Upper Limits’. This implies each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, happiness, money, confidence, good health etc. we allow ourselves to have. This applies to every aspect of your life. When we surpass the setting we often do something to sabotage ourselves and bring us back down to the old level where we feel secure. Now, we may not like this level, but there is something about it that makes us feel safe.

A la all the turbulent waters we discussed last week that we are wading and wobbling in. The truth is there is a gorgeous bright Life beckoning us all the time (pic above) but most of us stop ourselves from expanding into this Light with these upper limits, sinking back down into the dark familiar clouds in our minds.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to create more solid state and breakthrough our upper limits? “Sassy!”, said one of my Sparkle Sisters to that idea. I hope you are thinking the same because it truly can change your life!

What I’m about to share is nothing new – however, I invite you to read it with a reflective, beginners mind. We really do ourselves a disservice when we breeze past things with a dismissive, “I know that”, because the truth is if your life does not reflect what you desire you don’t know it. You may know it intellectually but not on a cellular level. In other words you may “know” it in your head but your body didn’t get the memo. And that’s a HUGE difference.

So you’re probably saying, “Come on already Sherri, what is this ONE thing?” I get it – I always want to get right to the point myself – so here it is… SELF-LOVE.

Pure and simple a solid foundation of self-love will allow you to push thru any upper limit.

In all my years of coaching what I have found over and over and over again is that brilliant, competent, capable, creative, beautiful women are not getting what they desire because deep down (in those troubled waters) they don’t believe they deserve it – whatever “it” is for them…love, happiness, prosperity, vibrant health etc.

I am here to tell you that’s baloney!!! You deserve to lasso the moon! And if you don’t believe it, believe in my belief.

The Bible says:

I was created in God’s own image (Genesis 1:27)

I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)

You can’t be more deserving and valuable than this for heaven’s sake!

The problem is over the years we’ve taken in soooo many negative situations/emotions/ experiences and we’ve sat on them, buried them and wallowed in them – not allowing things to flow thru. We end up like the Dead Sea – stagnant and stuck.

7 Tips to develop more self-love:

  1. Think about what is upetting you, identify the emotion associated with it, notice where it is in your body – put a hand on that area and sit with it, allowing it to flow until the emotion has dissipated (usually about 90 seconds to 2 minutes). Painful at first, but quickly free’ing!
  2. Write loving words on your body before you bathe. As you wipe them away imagine the essence of the word soaking into your body.
  3. Write yourself a love letter – and GUSH
  4. Make a list of what’s great about YOU and add to it every night before you go to bed.
  5. Do something that brings you joy daily.
  6. Stare at a color you love – this will automatically shift your energy and increase your love vibration
  7. Listen to Christian music (i.e. – I Can Only Imagine) or any song that brings you happiness.

As you engage in these activities you create more loving space for yourself (and others) in your body which will build a bigger foundation of self love and allow you to soar to new heights allowing for a bigger richer life!

Choose one of these actions today and let me know the result 🙂 The love you desire is within – it’s REAL and it’s there for you 24/7! Dive in lovely – you can do this!!!

Sparkling love,


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