Simple Steps for Soul Freedom

Tell me…what does soul freedom mean to you? How would you be enjoying the summer months if you were steeped in soul freedom?

To me it means spending time with your loved ones, exciting adventures and fun times with friends, and appreciation of the long days, warm nights and special memories made. 

How I adore this time of year!

What are YOUR plans for the summer? Trust your instinct to indulge in some fun adventures – be it with friends, family, romantic partners or by yourself. Soak in the warmth of the sun (but don’t forget your sunscreen!), laugh, play, flirt with life – choose to do something you enjoy every day – savor moments and live with passion! 

When you make the choice to honor your needs for R & R and carefree frolicking – things magically fall into place. Trust that inner voice that’s begging you to kick up your heels and have some FUN! It will lead you to the soul freedom that always brings peace and joy:))

Summer is a season that evokes happy memories for many of us: the days are longer, the weather is inviting and it feels like opportunities for new adventures wait around every corner!   

The great news is you don’t have to jet away on a luxury vacation to feel re-inspired and reinvigorated this season. Even if you have career or family obligations that keep you at home, you can still bring some fun and freedom to your soul during the hottest months of the year.   

Start with these steps:

#1 Ask yourself these two questions… 

What can I do that will bring freshness and aliveness to my life? 

What would I love?  

#2  Bring some of your favorite aspects of summer to life by identifying what they are and planning to do them. 

a. A backyard BBQ, 

b. Bake that special cake your mom used to make every summer (how I loved my mom’s chocolate chip crunch top cake!!! Sooooo yummy!)

c. a picnic at the park

d. time alone or relaxing at the beach… 

e. water balloon fights!

Sometimes we forget how easy it can be to bring a spark to our life again.

#3 Imagine for a moment…
what’s the first step you could take today to do something that really makes you feel free?

Now go do it!!!

You’ve sooooo got this!!

To your soul freedom,

P.S. The key to feeling free is to come from a place of self-love and take action on the adventures that truly make you feel vibrantly alive. 

P.P.S – If you’d like support in freeing yourself for more love and happiness, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s email – I’m cooking up something awesome for you!