A simple step to bring more love into your life

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about you.

The week of Valentine’s Day can be rough for a lot of people – whether you’re in a relationship or not. Maybe you are feeling really disconnected in your partnership or if you’re single are you having sad thoughts like, “what’s wrong with me, I’m so sick of spending another holiday alone…” and wondering if you will ever experience the love you desire. It hurts to be in this space, no question about that.

So I started thinking, what could I share with you today that would bring more love and joy into your life?

Something simple and powerful.

And then I thought about this awesome opportunity that I was awarded last month – The Shine Challenge – based on one simple principle – Sprinkle Kindness – which results in a really cool side benefit – a boomerang of love!

So on Valentine’s Day I took a basket of red roses to a convalescent home and handed one to each of the ladies (and some of the men got one too :))! This had been on my bucket list for a few years; inspired by my memory of how my mom’s face used to light up every time I gave her red roses (her favorite) AND my dad had spent a lot of time in this particular facility and I had gotten to know some of the ladies.

This experience was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be – the ladies faces lit up, they sweetly smiled and their eyes started to shine.

One 104 year old woman smelled the rose, took in a deep breath and said she felt like she had died and gone to heaven, another broke into a huge smile and signed thank you I love you, and another started to cry.

It was more emotional than I expected and I was grabbing Kleenex as I went from room to room. What’s that saying, “When your heart opens, your eyes leak?” Ahhh such a warm and wonderful feeling of love flowing through my body.

What I learned – the quickest path to love is to sprinkle love on others.  

So if you have been waiting for someone else to show you love, STOP. That’s the quickest path to frustration and sadness. Don’t ever let anyone else determine the amount of love you feel inside. By birth you are entitled to as much as you want. Take control of your love tank and empower yourself by engaging in acts of kindness. I promise you will fill up fast!!!!!

Why this is important:

If you want to attract more love into your life it’s crucial to BE in the same vibration.  You know that saying, “water finds its own level?” well it’s the same with love and actually everything in life – you must BE what you desire in order to draw it to you.

One of our greatest abilities as human beings is to generously give to others. Our time, our attention and our love are three things that make the biggest difference in the lives of others.

Acts of kindness can be to strangers, or it can be to your friends, anyone really. Calling your girlfriend up who you know is having a tough time and telling her that you’re dropping by with her favorite cupcakes is an act of kindness. Helping others when they least expect it is an act of kindness, and the best part? The amazing feeling you get when you do this multiplies, it compounds and grows! It’s just another way to change your overall energetic vibration in this world, and increases your overall happiness and attractiveness to others.

When you open your heart, and be of service to others, magical things will start happening around you. You’ll experience the upward spiral because you will step into a higher energetic vibration. This is KEY! The law of attraction is preceded by your vibration -like attracts like. If you feel good, then good will attract back into your field.

Where can you sprinkle some kindness to not only the people in your life but also to people you don’t even know? I challenge you to do this daily for the rest of the month – you will feel the best kind of love there is – blissful unconditional love.

Are you in?

Comment below and let me know your experience.