Sensuality: #1 Way to Get in Touch With Your Sensuality

Are you in touch with your sensuality? Are you getting out there and shakin’ your bootay??
Girlfriend, the BEST way to connect with your sensuality is to dance! Whether
it’s doing the tango and dancing cheek to cheek with your lover, getting down with Barry White on the tabletops of your home, or some steamy pole dancing at the S Factor there is no better way to
express your Self than to move those hips and shimmy down.

One of my clients was feeling disconnected from her
femininity and sensuality – feeling rather invisible to men.
We decided dance would be a good exercise for her so she started taking
some classes at her gym that appealed to her. Just swaying sensually
immediately made her feel more in touch with her body and her feminine essence.
The more she danced the more she opened up and the next time I saw her she
looked radiant – REALLY happy.

And the icing on the cake? Guys started asking her out more frequently because she was
living in her femininity – emanating her vixen vibe.

So get your sexy self on the dance floor girls and start
having some fun!