Is self-love selfish?

If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were probably taught not to be selfish. So when you hear all this talk about self-love, you might wonder: is loving myself selfish?

Selfishness is defined as “being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one’s own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.” When someone is acting selfishly, they will pursue their own welfare even at the expense of others.

Self-love, on the other hand, means that you develop a higher regard for yourself and your well-being. You take care of yourself and your needs, but it does not come at the cost of others. Practicing self-love can actually put you in a position to help other people more. When you take the time to “fill your cup,” you will have more to give to others. You cannot give what you do not have.

Self-love is NOT selfish.

So what does self-love look like?

  • Being kind to yourself and speaking kindly about yourself.
  • Showing yourself grace and forgiving yourself.
  • Setting healthy boundaries.
  • Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Making time to do the things that are important to you, that make you feel happy and rejuvenated.
  • Being proud of who you are and comfortable in your own skin.
  • And so much more!

Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.

Are you ready to start loving yourself more?

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Sparkling Love,

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