Romantic Ideas: 3 Tips to Create Love & Romance Instantly

Hey Girlfriends, these romantic ideas will help you easily create a luscious “mood” for your love life! The fastest way to create ambiance for a romantic rendez-vous is lovely, low, lighting. The following 3 tips will give you some simple, inexpensive ways to change an ordinary bedroom into a sensual boudoir as well as make you look like a goddess.

Tip #1 – Switch out those old boring white light bulbs in the bedroom with some fabulous & fun red ones.  Like magic, their glow erases all sins on the body! Your skin will look amazing – soft, tone and alluring. This is a very inexpensive way to not only create a romantic mood but make you look incredible too – you are going to LOVE the colored hue on your skin!

Tip #2 – softly lit sconces on the wall add warmth and romance in an upscale way. Shadows created on the walls and ceiling add depth and mystery to the room. An easy addition to any bedroom, they will definitely set the mood for intimacy.

Tip #3 – Candles placed around the room screams romance. Include a variety of different shapes and sizes for more interest and throw in some candelabra’s for intrigue. The soft flickering of light not only makes you look younger, but also instantly gives you the glow of a feminine and warm goddess.

If you follow any of these three tried and true tips you will surely be setting the scene for some sensual romance. Low lighting sets the mood quicker than anything else – creating intimacy instantly and making you look like an enchantress.


  1. Cameron Sharpe May 25, 2009 at 2:44 am

    These are the good tips in this busy world with hectic work load and stress these is were we can get relief and work out for relationships and find our right partner to live together rest of life. Hey thats a great idea, in this busy world you can get in touch with your loved ones.