Relationship Vibrancy – How to Create Balance and Harmony

Interview with Dr. Iwona, M.S., D.C.

Have you ever heard of a chiropractor that seeks the peace in your spine and NOT the pain? I haven’t but boy was I curious when I was told about this cutting edge doctor who uses Network Spinal Analysis and Matrix Energetics to bring mind, body and spirit into alignment for outrageous vibrancy. How does she do this? By a gentle tapping of the spine to find the peace within you!

I had no idea what to expect when I went down to Ensinitas to have a session with Dr. Iwona (pronounced Dr. Yvonna).  Right off the bat I knew this was no ordinary chiropractor! As she explained how this works it made total sense – locate the peace, connect the brain to this peace, the tension is released. As she worked on me ( such a gentle alignment) I was blown away by her intuitive powers and ability to work with energy. I felt my body relax very quickly.

When I left her office I felt AMAZING – everything was technicolor VIBRANT. I felt so light and happy and expansive. I also felt very connected to everyone and everything – open and friendly. I drove to the nearby Self Realization Foundation and soaked in the brilliant colors and sounds of nature.  Ahhhhh…..bliss…….thank you Dr. Iwona!

I wanted to share this incredible information with my community of fabulous women to give you another tool to rev up your vibrancy as we head deep into spring. With excitement and pleasure I interviewed Dr. Iwona on my Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Free Friday call – it was a rockin call – to learn more about how this can benefit you on a daily basis click here to listen to the replay of my profound interview with the Queen of energy – Dr. Iwona

You will learn:

* how to connect with your inner body rhythms

*how to tune into the emotional wisdom of the body

*whether love or fear are the guiding forces of your life

* a fun and easy technique to create the relationship of your dreams and help you become the sexy enchantress you were born to be!

Let me know what you think of this new way to bring vibrancy to your relationship with self and others. Cia-Ciao! Sherri