Relationship Starts With Me…

Happy Sunday my unleashing ladies!!! It’s a rainy day here in sunny southern California and perfect for a little reflection.  Mine was prompted by a friend of mine, Laura Fenamore, who is launching a body image program in a few weeks.

In wanting to support her venture I just watched one of her pre-program video’s and it brought back memories…memories of everything I’ve gone thru to “unleash” myself – releasing 50 lbs several years ago being a biggy!!!
And I thought,WOW, this topic needs to be on my blog because in order to live, laugh and love with freedom you need to feel really good about your body image. And I don’t just mean your physical size – I’m talkin about every lovely inch of your body – head to toe girlfriend! That means hair, nose, eyes, hands, feet, the scattered funky freckle etc.

In order to unleash your authentic self, you must love yourself fully, wholly, and unconditionally. If you don’t, that’s a message that there is some healing needed in order to shift that “not so nice” perspective you have goin on. Because you know what? That attitude is not doing you a lick of good in living your best life, in achieving your goals and in how you are presenting to others.  If you think there is something off about you, don’t you know others are going to pick right up on that vibe and mirror your thoughts.
So here are a few tips to help you love yourself:

1) look in the mirror, and really get that you are a creation of perfection – you are beauty incarnated and nothing else! So give yourself a little wink and a smile and say, “hello gorgeous!”
2) Make a list of at least 10 things you like about yourself and carry that list with you, whether it’s playing chopsticks on the piano, riding a unicycle while jumping rope or appreciating your family –  have it on hand so you can quickly pull it out whenever you need to remind yourself how incredible you are – remember you are only interested in focusing on your fabulousness!!!
3) Say what you mean and mean what you say – living in integrity is unbelievably “unleashing!”
4) Do something nice for someone else – in opening your heart to others you flood yourself with feelings of fulfilment- how can you not feel good about yourself??
5) See yourself as you want to live- see the way you walk and talk. See the way you connect with others and envision how others treat you. Hold court girl!!! Hold that vision as often as possible thru out the day – soon that life will be yours.
Maybe you are already totally loving yourself and unleashed and if so Kudo’s big time – but maybe you aren’t. And for those of you who aren’t I encourage you to practice these five empowering tips so you can live and laugh and love with freedom.
I invite you to look at Laura’s video – it resonated with me on so many levels and made me appreciate how far I’ve come – and I would love you to appreciate where you are at…today. So take a look see and leave me a comment – I would love to hear your reflections:-)