Relationship Hero – Clark Kent vs Lois Lane

Are you superwoman to the
rescue? Taking care of a family, a home, a career – not to mention the
scattered sibling, troubled friend and latest community cause? Why are so many
of us trying to be like Clark Kent and “save the day?” What happened to being Lois
Lane – a  demure yet delicious damsel in distress?

No big surprise with all that
testosterone flying around she got left behind and is now buried. She’s all but
forgotten how to flip to feminine and is butting heads badly with her man. So
let me tell you what we’re going to do – we’re going to harmonize our shero and
set her on a path to reclaim her god-given womanly gifts. It’s time to embrace your feminine edge – and it’s easy to do.  Just beguile with charm (smile, flirt, tease)  and give life to your second
chakra’s creative expression and sensuality.  These simple steps will make you feel juicy and ready to receive…it will also open a safe and feminine space for your man to
step into. Ahhh blissful balance.