Relationship Harmony – How to Deal with Bad Moods

Ever walked into a hornet’s nest or wall of woe in your relationship? I think most of us have – you’re in a decent if not great mood and when you walk thru the door you’re greeted with “the mood-breaker” – geez! Your first reaction is to spew back and match the vibe but what does that get you? A lost evening of pleasure and much anxiety.

Sometimes easier said than done to be the brighter light in your relationship but if you can transcend those tempting urges to fight back you will be loving life. I belong to a group on FaceBook called The Face of Love, run by Nick Rolls and this is an affirmation he recently sent out addressing this “mood” challenge…very wise words, I must say…

“I love and accept people for who they are… I remain switched on to love and light even if another is in a dark place. I know that I am strong enough in love not to allow others’ moods to bring me down. If I see the light in others I know I can be kind and compassionate enough to help them switch their own light switch on. And sensible enough to keep my own switched on.”

Thank you Nick! We love your extraordinary wisdom!!

How do you respond when faced with a “bad mood”?