Relationship Communication: How to Say What’s in Your Heart

Do you have trouble expressing your heartfelt feelings?

Over the years of my coaching practice one of the issues I hear repeatedly from my clients is that either their mate doesn’t share their feelings or they are unable to say what is in their heart. They know if they could just get the communication flowing it would create so much more connection and intimacy. Ever feel this way?

Does this sound like you?

  • ·       You care deeply but just can’t bring the words to the surface
  • ·      You don’t trust your communication to convey exactly what you want it to
  • ·      You fear you won’t be completely understood
  • ·      You get frustrated that your words won’t carry the depth of your feelings
  • ·      You are used to stuffing your feelings and are afraid what will come out will be klunky and sound silly

If you answered yes to any of the above, believe me, you are in good company!

There is a fun and romantic solution I want to share with you…a dear friend introduced it to me years ago and not only have we both used it with success, so have many of my friends and clients.

So here’ what you do…take a blank tape/CD and record a song that tells your lover what’s in your heart and soul that you can’t quite say yourself.  Send it in an envelope sealed with a kiss….

If you want to encourage them to do the same, ask that they record a musical response and send the tape/CD back to you. Keep passing it between you until it’s full at which point you can set aside time to listen to the tape/CD together and create a very loving mood.

Commit to do this today!

I sure would like to know how it goes – please either comment below or send me your story at – can’t wait to hear what love songs you chose! xo