Relationship: Ask Your Burning Questions

Although Unleash Yourself is all about finding your fabulous
feminine voice and expressing it via fun, sensual adventures (whether single or committed) some of you may
be having a hard time getting to your feminine power if you are struggling with
a relationship that’s rocky or have recently ended a bad situation.

And you may need some help making sense of where you are now
and a road map to a new fab you.
If this describes where you are at,  I invite you to join me and my dear friend Lisa Steadman
tonight @ 6pm Pacific as she answers your burning relationship questions and
masterfully coaches the first 3-5 (depending on time) courageous souls who
speak up.

Lisa has been blessed with an intuitive brilliance getting
right to the core of the problem – allowing her to help you free your heart of
the pain that’s been paralyzing you.

Register now and the call in details will be sent to you right after you register
so check your inbox.

Join us tonight and let us support your journey in the most
healing way possible.

Love & Freedom,