Relationship Advice: Yoga Dissolves Stress

I am in love with yoga! Any of you girls tried it? I started practicing after my divorce several years ago and it totally helped take the edge off that emotional rollercoaster ride. Since then I enjoy the practice for its intimacy – yes intimacy… I find it’s very personal and helps me get back in touch with my feminine essence and true inner beauty.

And then there’s its wonderful reward of peace and bliss that I absolutely adore. Although I am in a much better place today I still rely on my practice to take out the stress of the day and connect me with the purity of my soul.

My yoga guru’s Bryan Kest and Govindas  explain the meaning of yoga to be the total balance of mind, body and spirit. A confronting discipline for sure as each pose mimics the challenges you face in life, but personal growth is pretty much guaranteed.

Well no wonder this is absolutely the best fix for all you “Type A” career gals and “power moms” who may feel like life is spiraling out of control at times and need some me time.

It’s the modern day Fountain of Youth as it gives these five benefits which seem to be craved by so many women:

Peace – focusing on your breath for 1 1/2 hours doesn’t allow you to think about anything else.

Strength – every pose requires physical strength, which in turn gives you emotional strength.

Balance – Yoga balances your yin and yang.

Centeredness – dynamic breathing aligns mind, body and spirit.

Clarity – setting your intention for clarity will clear your confusion.

So if you find yourself in need of some mental housekeeping, don’t wait to give yourself the gift of this cleansing discipline – get on a mat today!! You are far too valuable not to be living fully in your feminine power.


  1. Jackie June 3, 2009 at 7:27 am

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