Relationship Advice: Throw Out The Rules!

After coaching and interviewing lots of ladies, I find many are caught in the conundrum that labels women who embrace their sexuality as slutty. Welcome to “Society Says.” You’ve been told to “Let the man take the lead.” Many women can’t get past this “rule” and stay stuck never to realize their desires.

The message compounds if you’ve been reared with any staunch religious dogma. You probably have the good girl vs. bad girl inner conflict going on coupled with gobs of guilt for having even the tiniest of naughty thoughts. Well something’s got to give – it’s time to take the bull by the horns and stop waiting for your man to step up to the plate.

Here are 3 tips for freedom:
–    Get clear and make a list of the limiting “rules” you’ve been living by.
–    Give yourself permission to release these beliefs that are not in alignment with your desires.
–    Decide what you want in your romantic relationship – make a list of your top 3 desires.
–    Map out a romantic roadmap with time frames as to when you will implement your desires.
–    Feel good about yourself and live, love and laugh with total freedom!

Congratulations, you are now committed to giving yourself permission to live authentically!