Relationship Advice: Overcoming Roadblocks to Romance

What road
conditions are stopping you from unleashing yourself and driving like a diva
into an extraordinary relationship?

Is your road harangued with the hairpin
turns of expectation, insecurities and fear?

Maybe you’ve got
some major communication blocks that are potholes for emotional and physical
intimacy. To get out of the rut and find some smooth terrain you’ll need to
shift gears and focus on the part of the path that’s an easy drive. Adjust your
attention to the fact that your relationship is not about “you” or “him” but
instead it’s about being a couple and understanding what it takes to create
lasting love.

I recently read The Six Secrets of a Lasting Relationship. The secrets are basic: trust, empathy,
respect, acceptance, enjoyment and chemistry.
Nothing too surprising, yet, like
the wheels of a car, they determine the safety, strength and joy of the ride.
Without the tires the car is going nowhere. So fine-tune your relationship with these highway helpers and
you will enjoy a rockin ride for life as the divine diva you are!