Relationship Advice: How to Create More Time for Your Relationship

Is your life so crazy you can’t carve out enough time for
you and your man to get cozy? In today’s fast paced world it can be challenging
to find the time to just hang out together. And then when you do your mind is
racing with all that you have to do. If this describes your relationship you
may want to take a look at these suggestions for simplifying your life to
create more “hang with my honey” time.


Gabbing – many people spend so much time
talking about how they have no time that they could actually accomplish quite a
bit with the time they spend venting. Make a game out of it and notice how
often you get to gabbing about your “to do” list.


Create Boundaries – we all have those friends or colleagues that can talk till the cows come home. Put some boundaries on your conversations by letting them know up front how much time you’ve got – that way it won’t seem rude when you excuse yourself and you won’t be cutting out precious time with your man who’s waiting for you.


Email – wow can these ever suck you in and waste your time! If you are spending more than 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the afternoon or evening on personal emails it’s too much. Wouldn’t you rather be cuddling on the couch with your hot blooded man than sitting in front of cyberspace?


Create a Mind Mantra: “I have all the time I need to get everything done I need to.” Seems simple I know, but by saying this you’ll be sending out the intention to the universe and things will beautifully align to support your mantra and create more time for you!

When you follow these suggestions you will create more time for the important things in your life – joy, love and personal space.


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