Relationship Advice: Get Your Sparkle On!

Ever wonder where that playful, carefree, adventurous, spontaneous, sexy woman went? Or ask yourself, “When did my life get so routine? When did I lose myself? Where did the joy go, where did the PASSION go?”

You are not alone. You are one of the millions of women who ask themselves these questions everyday.

Chances are your love life isn’t as delicious as it used to be either – would you say it’s boring, dull or non-existent? The secret to revving up your relationship and getting a love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection is YOU! So instead of leaving your romance fate up to “him”  why not learn how to connect to your gorgeous Goddess Self and create the mind blowing, rock solid love life of your dreams?

Hel-looo Girlfriend and welcome to Unleash YourSelf, a blog dedicated to helping women
get their “sparkle” on – which means unearthing and owning the diamond in you,
falling madly in love with yourself, feeling sexy at any age, learning how to
laugh and love with total freedom so you can transform your love life!

It’s for all you super successful women who have conquered
the corporate world, but your personal world is less than luscious. You’ve lost your Self along the way and
have forgotten how to be playful, how to have fun, how to express your
creative, passionate voice and blend romantic adventure into your relationship.

Unleash YourSelf is also for you “Super Mom’s” – off to the
races from the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning – doing, doing,
doing – for everyone but yourself. Consumed with guilt when you do take time
for yourself. You’re out of touch with both your fabulous factor and your sexy
Self. Like the career gals you too
suffer from losing that spontaneous, adventurous, fun-loving woman and know
it’s time to get her back!

So, let’s talk about how you’re going to get her back. It’s
actually very simple and revolves around a

woman’s best friend – DIAMONDS.
Seriously, have you ever noticed how similar women are to diamonds? When you
think of a diamond what comes to mind? I imagine you envision a beautiful, brilliant,
sparkling, clear, multi-faceted gemstone with incredible strength and inherent
value, right? Voila – women and diamonds are synonymous!

But here’s the rub, when we are disconnected from our
diamond power, our true authentic essence, it’s easy to allow our experiences
in life to cover us with a little dirt, to cloud and confuse our perception of
Self, to dim our light and to affect the way we value and love ourselves –
blocking us from getting the love we crave and deserve!

Let’s take Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw as an example.
Remember the year she got involved with Aleksander (Mikhail Baryshnikov)? Throughout
the relationship she was not in her power – she was confused by “Big” and
determined to make her new relationship work – but she was settling – until…the last episode, remember
her “moment of truth” scene in the bedroom? She suddenly realized she couldn’t,
wouldn’t, settle for anything less than an all-consuming, can’t live without
you, breathless, “real” love. Knowing she would never have that with Aleksander
she turned on her heel and walked out the door, never to return.

Couldn’t you feel
her freedom?

Why did Carrie mesmerize every woman watching that scene?
Because she found her diamond power, loved herself enough to find the courage
to speak her truth…and it was incredibly inspiring to witness.

Even if you did not see the episode you get the gist.

Unleash YourSelf is all about helping YOU discover and own
the diamond in you! After going
through a devastating divorce- digging, discovering and excavating my diamond-
polishing, polishing, polishing until it sparkled and let my light shine
through, I am an expert in helping women find their diamond and learn how to love

And as I teach you how to love yourself, you’ll be inspired
to honor you, go within, dig deep to uncover your buried desires and express
them freely empowering YOU to “sparkle” and enjoy more love in your life. This
is the true voice of your soul.

Unleash YourSelf will help you:

  • Love yourself – you cannot give what you don’t
    have and if you don’t have love to give you will not get the love you desire.

  • Have more fun and romantic adventure in your

  • Connect with your Self, girlfriends and partner

  • Stand in your power, without any power struggles
  • Will give you your Passport to the World!

If you are silently stuffing your needs and waiting for
someone else to fulfill your desires -you are giving your power away and probably resenting it! Ooh la la, major
problemo! But…you are not alone.

After working with women for 10+ years these are the most
common complaints… listen to the vexed voices:

“Romance, shomance I might as well have married my brother.”

“ My
relationship is stuck in a rut.”

“I want a deep
intimate connection with my partner– why is that so difficult to achieve?”

These are the voices of women just like you – successful,
powerful, and attractive. And just like you, their pain is very real, very
personal and very deep.

The majority of us are stuck in old patterns and beliefs
that no longer serve us. Or we’re so used to being aggressive in the workplace
that we’ve forgotten how to get out of our man boots and slip on our sexy

The result is frustration, anger and loneliness.

The solution is easy – love your Self first and foremost!

Since you’ve read this far I know one very important thing about you…intimacy, playfulness and connection are deep desires but you haven’t yet figured out how to
capture them…I honor you for reaching out and I am delighted you’ve found this blog. My goal with Unleash Yourself is to give you a road map to your diamond
destination. Along the journey you’ll fall madly in love with yourself, get
your sparkle on and transform your love life – living, laughing and
loving with total freedom. Whaddya say… are
you ready to discover your diamond essence? Girlfriend, you are on your way, let’s
start excavating!


  1. Deb Lamb November 21, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    WOW! I had clicked to unsubscribe to your mailings because I discovered I had subscribed twice. Thank God I’m still subscribed….LOL.
    Whew, you captured my attention and I can’t wait to uncover the diamond again!
    You go girl! Thanks!!
    Deb 🙂

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