Relationship Advice: Dear Sparkle….

Dear Sparkle,

“How does one
stay connected in love all the time?”


Dear Love Connection,

Thank you for your question. Here are a few ways to stay in the flow of love…..

Open your
– staying connected to love means living in the vibration of love. “Being” love
instead of looking for love will put you into the right frequency to enjoy a
life full of love.
When you are
searching it’s as tho you are emitting a signal of scarcity – even if you are a
loving person- just the thought that you want to find more love will actually
keep it at arms length.

Live as love
and you will be in its flowing river .

Ways to open
your heart:

-Yoga is a
fantastic way to open your heart

-Doing that
which brings you joy

-Spend time
with people you love or look at pic’s of anyone that warms your heart.

Gratitude –
f you focus on all that you are grateful for you will quickly get to a state
of love. Gratitude is the highest vibration and so will bring in an abundance
of love. It’s impossible to lose your connection to love when you are in a
state of gratitude. It will just expand and expand.

Journal every
day everything you are grateful for in your relationship. Let it sink in –
light a candle, and visualize what you are grateful for.