Relationship Advice: Dear Sparkle…

Dear Sparkle,

I have a very long beautiful love story.  We are both deeply in love with each other – the true love of our life for the last 30 years, but we will never be able to be together. We will go to our grave loving one another.  How do you move on to someone else and be truly happy?  How do you tell your heart to let go?
Thanks, “Star-crossed Lovers”

Dear Star-Crossed Lovers,

Thank you for your question… I can feel how tragic this feels for you…I have been in your shoes – not in quite the same way but also feeling like I would go to my grave loving someone I couldn’t have – I admit it was heart wrenching…until I realized I was not open to the bounty of life. I was of the conviction that if I couldn’t have what I wanted well then I didn’t want anyone else and I’m here to tell you, that’s crazy thinking!

There are so many wonderful men to meet and love in the world. Unfortunately, it is out limiting beliefs that keep us so delusional and in a tortured prison. I suggest you take some time to look at your relationship with this man in a new light and I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

1)    Instead of looking at what you can’t have, ask yourself how this relationship has helped your soul evolve… What have you learned about yourself? What are your beliefs and thoughts on love? On having a solid, committed, loving relationship in your life?

2)    What is the payoff for you to stay in a situation where you are not receiving what you desire and deserve? What do you need to SEE to move forward? What do you need to RELEASE to move forward?

3)    Why have you allowed yourself to stay emotionally connected to a man you know you will never be able to have? In other words, why don’t you feel you deserve love in the conventional manner? Why are you punishing yourself?

When we incarnate to this life we are meant to have all of the love, happiness, bliss, prosperity, joy, abundance we can draw to us. It is not the divine plan to have us suffer – to go without, to feel cheated and deprived. This is our own doing and undoing.

I encourage you to sit with your heart and caress it, nurture it, love it. Tell your heart that it’s time to let go, cut the emotional, physical cords and ALLOW yourself an open, honest relationship where you don’t have to hide. Where you can be present in each other’s life for all to see. Allow yourself to be loved without the connection to drama, tragedy and pain.

30 years of this is like a life sentence, dear heart – please give yourself the gift of freedom.
You deserve to be loved for the magnificent and brilliant and beautiful woman that you are – for all to see!

Love & Freedom,