Relationship Advice: Dear Sparkle…

Dear Sparkle,

I am 31 and broke up about 8 months ago with a 50 year old man I was in a relationship with.  I have done a lot of inner work and he had the maturity and fearless ability to open up his heart to a relationship.  I experienced true love but when he wanted to marry and have a child with me, I realized I had to end it because it didn’t feel right…  I am now focusing on my passion to sing and song-write, but I am worried if I”ll attract the better fit for me since I am also into tantra and I haven’t experienced many ”younger” men who are into these things.  I know deep down I will attract the perfect match for my next stage of evolution.  Is there anything else I can do other than focusing on my passion to help with this?

Thanks…Young & Hopeful

Dear Young & Hopeful,

Thank you for your question! Your prior relationship sounds like every woman’s dream – a mature man with a fearless ability to open his heart to you, wants to solidify and celebrate the relationship with marriage and a child, and there is true love. Hmmmm…I can only surmise you were not “in love,” which would explain why it didn’t “feel” right. If that’s the case I honor you for not settling.

As far as what you can do now to bring in your perfect match I strongly suggest you…

continue to focus on:
-Those things you feel passionate about
– Those things that bring you pleasure
-Those things that make you happy.

Because we all  attract where we are at –  it’s optimum to do those things that will raise your vibration to blissful joy and happiness.
Love is the highest possible vibration. If you can meditate and focus on love – loving yourself, loving others, loving the world -you will attract effortlessly the man of your dreams. He will be your mirror. Don’t focus on whether he’ll be into tantra or not, focus on him being EVERYTHING you want.

Practice this exercise to bring him in:
Ask yourself these three questions:
1)    What do I want?
2)    Why do I want it?
3)     How will I feel when I have it?

Then be patient, have faith, really know in your heart the Divine is bringing him to you at precisely the right time. This may not be YOUR time but it will most definitely be the RIGHT TIME:-)

Your job is simple…focus on being your sparkling Self and let your brilliance shine through for all to see.

You are doing an awesome job – keep it up!

Love & Freedom,