Relationship Advice: Couples That Play Together Stay Together

When’s the last time you put on
a wig and did a jig
? This may

crazy but you have to admit, it’s pretty playful! Making the time to be

playmates is super important as many therapists point out that

successful relationships laugh and play on a regular basis.

If the boudoir has gotten
boring and you want a rockin’ relationship you’ll need to “mix things up” to
keep it interesting, fresh, fun and adventuresome. Laughing and playing are the
key elements to emotional intimacy – helping you build that rock solid
relationship you crave.

So it’s time to take some risks
and dare to be wild. Let your inner child out! Be silly, wacky, laugh like a hyena.
Allow yourself the freedom to be totally uninhibited and you’ll start to feel
young and alive! Oh yes, let the games begin!