Relationship Advice – 7 Tips from a Woman Who Knows

Do you know anyone that has the real deal – the fairy tale romance we all dream of? A couple that lets you know happily ever after really does exist? A relationship that gives you faith true love is possible and not some empty promise our parents fed us?

I was blessed to be around such an extraordinary relationship – right within my own family.  Yes, my Aunt Maxine and Uncle Bill (picnicking in photo-1954) had that marriage. I say “had” because after 60+ years of wedded bliss my uncle passed on…a very sad day for my aunt and entire family. I grew up spending endless summers with them and am so grateful they were in my life.  Wow how blessed I am to have gotten to see true love first hand.
Having a failed marriage myself I sat my aunt down one day and asked her what she felt was the secret to a long, happy and successful relationship. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. Like being together – (makes sense…to be each others best friend)
  2. Overlook each others faults – (ouch, I wasn’t so good here…)
  3. Patience and understanding – (how patient is patient???)
  4. Never go to bed mad -( Wow did I suck at this one!)
  5. Good sense of humor ( right up my alley)
  6. Supportive – help each other when you’re down ( good reminder that it’s about “us” and not “me”)
  7. LOVE each other – and this is the bottom line – what everything stems from
So, if you’re in a reflective state or on your way into a new relationship – think about this simple but sage advice from a woman who was still madly in love with her husband after 60+ years of marriage and feels their time together was not nearly enough to express their love.
A beautiful example for me…I hope it will be for you too.