Relationship Advice: 5 Steps to Get the Romance Back in Your Relationship

A client recently asked if I had any relationship advice on how to get the romance back in her marriage. When I asked what she had already tried she responded with, “nothing, I’m really looking for tips to give my husband.”

Now, I know many of you are on the same page as this gal, so here’s the most important relationship advice I can give to you – have you thought about what the cost of “doing nothing” romantically is doing to your relationship? If you want to dodge the divorce dragon, you can’t leave it all up to your man. You need to implement some fun idea’s on your own to create the relationship you want and deserve.

Now’s the time to throw out the rules of society and all those limiting beliefs that don’t serve your fantastical vision of love so that you can live, laugh, and love with total freedom! Forget about what you’ve been raised to believe about who should do the romancing – step outside the box by taking these 5 steps:

Step #1
Assess the current state of your romantic relationship

Step #2
Define what you want

Step #3
Discover what’s holding you back from having what you want

Step #4
Empower yourself with permission to have what you want

Step #5
Take responsibility to fire up your own engines and create some sensual romantic interludes.

If you follow this relationship advice and unleash your Self, you will get the romance back in your relationship. Another bonus- you’ll improve your connection to Self, your lover and your fabulous friends who will support and encourage your fun and flirty escapades. It’s an overall win/win – woohoo!