Relationship Advice: 3 Intimacy Idea’s That Work!

Do you crave more intimacy in your life? What if I gave you some relationship advice that would guarantee instant intimacy – would you put it into action? Fabulous, I knew you were up for it! Here we go…

Full body hug – none of this barely touching, Howard Hughes hugging. No, no, no. You’ve got to engage in a front on, full body hug – where you really hold each other, smell each other and feel each other’s heart beat. The nurturing and caring involved in this embrace will slow you down enough to open the heart and relax into an intimate moment. Who knows where it might lead:-)
A 20 second sexy smooch – this is an unexpected 20 second kiss – so maybe lay it on your man just before he leaves for work – this will definitely get his juices flowing and you can bet he will not be working overtime tonight. Your sensual kiss will be lingering on his mind all day – he’ll be counting the moments till he can walk through the door and ravish you! Be ready!
Zip it – ok gals I know how much we love to talk and share but when your man comes home at night, let him unwind and get settled before you bombard him with the day’s events. Whether that means 15 minutes or an hour you’ll know, he’ll give you the cue. He’ll appreciate the down time and be much more available to listen to you which will make you feel valued and far more connected. Win/win:-)

There you go – put this relationship advice into action and you’ll have instant intimacy!