READ…If you long to make a BIG difference

177In your heart of hearts do you long to do something really significant in your life? Something that will warm your soul and make you feel like you’re living “on purpose”?

I just experienced what I know will be that “life-defining” experience I talk about til the day I die. Spending a week in a post war country with people who don’t want a hand out, but just want that grace to give themselves and their children a fresh start, will change me forever.

I’ve made it a goal to give dreams back to 600 children living in Liberia, the country formed by freed slaves from North America. I’m CLOSE to reaching my goal along with 27 others who traveled with me from 7 countries to complete the building of the Becky School where these kids can get an education and rise again. And I need help to reach my goal and my commitment to this team and these children who have made me a more humble and purposeful person.

I invite you to just take a look at me and the team I traveled with THERE in the midst of it all. And if you’re inspired at all, and willing to help, please do. Watch these one minute videos:

Click here to watch video 1

Click here to watch video 2

… and please come along with me in making a difference for them. By doing so, you’ll be making a huge difference to ME.