Re-evaluate Your Love Life

Hey Girlfriend, we’re heading into summer –a time typically
associated with fun-loving times, midnight swims, picnics on the beach,
bonfires, outdoor concerts, sensual summer nights…so, what’s on your romantic agenda?

Is your pattern to hang back and let your man do all the
planning only to be disappointed?

Are you in a romantic rut but afraid to speak up?

Do you fantasize about doing something special but chicken
out at the last minute?

If any of these ring true for you it sounds like it’s time
for you to re-evaluate your love life.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and create a romantic rendez-vous
that will wow your partner and make you feel like an accomplished enchantress?

Engage your imagination and let yourself soar – it can be
something as simple as buying new lingerie and having a risque “fashion show” in your
boudoir. You’ll want your man relaxed so dim the lights, whip up some frothy
marg’s and play some sassy tunes to saunter down your cat-walk…

If you want to step it up you can send him on a treasure
hunt to find you…in your own home. Start with a map on the front door and leave
clues throughout the house (attached to essentials you might need once he finds
you:-) You’ll be waiting in the bathroom for him, a glistening sexy mermaid
ready to play in the tub..…

You get the picture – have some fun and create what you want
in your love life. Never take a back seat, life is too short to wait around!!!