Quiet Your Mind And Remove Anxiety In 10 Minutes!

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the Light.”
~ Aristotle

Did you know that depression has tripled since the pandemic started? And, according to the Boston University School of Public Health, it’s getting even worse with the global chaos and concerns. So if you are feeling an inner rumble of sadness, depression, and anxiety you are not alone.

Which is why I’m writing you today – to share a powerful peace practice I use and give to my clients for support. If you would love to experience more calm keep reading.

In times like these, we often need an extra boost to reconnect with our light and find peace of mind.

My favorite path to peace? Sound baths.

Sound baths are an ancient healing technique that recalibrates the mind, body, and spirit using healing sound vibrations that stimulate alpha and theta brain wave frequencies and promote a sense of ease and inner peace.

Sound baths have many benefits, including:

  1. Relief from chronic pain and migraines
  2. Improved sleep
  3. Reduction of stress and anxiety
  4. Renewed well-being, calm, and happiness.

You know how you feel after a deep tissue massage? Well that’s how a sound bath makes your mind, body, and spirit feel!! It’s AWESOME!

Listen to my sound bath (linked below) to experience its’ calming and healing properties.

As you listen, let the sounds wash over you.

You’ll soon begin to de-stress, calm down, and settle into tranquility.

To make the most of this practice, be sure to set your intention. What is it that you desire from this session? A feeling of peace? Rejuvenation? Thinking of what you want will make the bath more powerful.

There are so many potential stressors that continue to disrupt our energy and cause us all kinds of problems.

Anxiety, fear, and worry all stem from uncertainty about the future. But this is also a great time to be grateful. To know that Divine Love is always there for us…

Despite all of these things that can cause us to wobble, the divine power is always within us. Allow yourself to receive it during the sound bath.

By simply relaxing and letting go, you will quiet your mind and remove your anxiety.
And voila! Peace is yours:))

In Love,

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