How to protect yourself from bad juju

Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from the negative people in your world?

Because let’s face it, we all know someone who’s gloom and doom, or thrives on drama, is a chronic complainer or gossips behind your back and if we’re not careful we can get sucked into the undertow.

This can be especially challenging if it’s a loved one, parent, sibling, good friend or co-worker.

I have a client who shared she is struggling with this right now. Every conversation she has with her soon to be ex is laced with venom. After each interaction she feels herself falling down into the rabbit hole and has a hard time getting out. She gets stuck in all the nasty negativity letting it affect her work, happiness, parenting abilities and overall quality of life.

Wouldn’t you like to be Teflon to whatever is going on in your surrounding circumstances? To stay centered and happy – letting others have their experience and not letting their experience have you?

It is possible.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “All the water in the world can’t drown you unless it gets inside.”

That’s where the bubble comes in.

My best friend and I have been using this technique for 20 years and we love it! Not only is it a fun way to deflect bad juju, it turns it into love AND it works!!!

How to create the bubble:

It’s a very simple process. All you have to do is imagine a bubble forming around you, encasing your entire body. Assign a color and thickness to it – I like to use blue with a thickness of 4”. Many people use white and I invite you to choose a color and thickness that makes you feel safe.

Once you have it in place say, “This bubble is permeable ONLY to that which is in my highest good. Everything else bounces off and goes back to love.”

That said there are times not so great things slip in so that we can grow and evolve. Be confident in the knowing that whatever gets in is for our highest good.

Our true nature is LOVE so it’s possible if something negative comes into your bubble it’s stirring up something that’s unlike love – something that needs healing so that you can be more in alignment with love.

If you would like to set yourself up for protection all day you can put this on in the morning, or if it’s situational, it only takes a moment to create.

Voila – now, if you find yourself in the presence of someone who is spewing some ugly energy you can let them be in that space and you don’t have to be in it with them – you can stay in your bubble of safety and love :)!