Pole Dancing Popular Way to Empower Women!

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Interview with Bettina Riffo…

Be honest. Have you dreamed of becoming a pole dancer but felt a wee bit intimidated? Fortunately in the last 5 years dance studios like the S Factor and celebrities like Teri Hatcher have brought this sexy dance into the main stream making it less daunting for most women.

Yet, many of you are still not quite sure…thinking you need to be a certain look, weight, persona etc. Hey, I admit, when Bettina ( see pic to the left – she’s right above Jana and I, Emma’s at the top) suggested I take the intro Diva class at Goddess Fitness (where she teaches), before our interview –  I was excited, but a little hesitant to tell my family.

And when I got there I was surprised and happy to see so many different shapes, sizes and ages of women. I realized this has become very trendy and very popular with the average woman. Why? Because this is a dance that allows you freedom, that gives you confidence, that connects you with your femininity and that gives you permission to be a woman!

As I watched Bettina and Emma (the owner of Goddess Fitness) I was mesmerized by their sensual grace and beauty as they spun around the poles creating art in motion with every move.

Emma started pole dancing to shed the 100 lbs she gained with her three pregnancies …Bettina wanted a more feminine form of exercise, tired of her masculine weight lifting and cardio regime. Most people are unaware of the incredible benefits of pole dancing.

Bettina has agreed to let me interview her and give you the scoop on this empowering, feminine and seductive dance – you will not want to miss a minute of this fabulous and informative interview –happening Friday, August 7th @ 10am Pacific.