Movie Review: My Life in Ruins

Ooooh My!! This gorgeous guy in the pic with me (we look good together, don’t we? LOL) is Alexis Georgoulis, the YUMMY new face in Hollywood’s, My Life in Ruins,
starring Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). She plays a woman who has lost
her Kefi (Greek for magnetic charm, sensual soul), lacks career direction,
works as a tour guide in Greece and learns how to get her kefi back and find new love.

My friend Carrie and I went to see this uplifting, inspiring
movie over the weekend and were so excited to meet Nia and Alexi after they did a live Q
& A at the end of the film. We were like two school girls, all giddy and flushed taking pictures with him!

Alexi is indeed, a Greek God – the face, the body, the heart
and soul, the smoldering sexuality… I don’t mind telling you he unearthed the…

Kefi in me! Wooohooo! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this manly man (great beach scene showing his hunky bod) -we need this man on the screen girls!!

Nia is her usual funny and entertaining self. Filmed entirely in Greece, the scenery is sooooo romantic.

The premise and message of this movie is exactly what
Unleash Yourself is all about – when you adore yourself, and own your feminine voice and sensuality… you own your life – having more fun and pleasure than you ever
dreamed possible.

So girlfriend, if you haven’t seen this movie get yourself to the
nearest theater and get your Kefi on!


  1. Carrie Konjoyan June 17, 2009 at 2:05 am

    Hi Sherri, I agree what a HOTTIE!!!! Alexis is soooo sensual. And the two of you look just happy…Thank you for the heads up on this Greek Wave of love…We di have fun meeting him and you spotted him!!