Morning Message of Love

How was your weekend?
I was just talking with a friend of mine who mentioned she had a squabble with her boyfriend on Saturday and it ruined the whole day…has that ever happened to you? Whether it be a partner, child, friend, sibling, parent – I think it’s pretty safe to say it happens to all of us!
Nothing worse than feeling disconnected, frustrated, and misunderstood – right?
Since we’ve all had different experiences in life we’re going to have different ways of seeing things – perspectives that are unique to us. The key is being able to communicate in ways that allow us to HEAR each other and evolve those moments and times when we feel triggered.
Dr. Gay Hendricks created a 5 step proven, tried and true process called The Sweaty 10-minute Conversation that will help you create more loving relationships and peace within.
Sparkling Love,