Man Boot or Sexy Stiletto?

My #1 realization when my husband and I split was that I had
lost touch with my feminine, creative, fun and frivolous side. Yikes! When did
THAT happen?? What happened to that fun loving girl always looking for the next fun
adventure?  How did I go from
capricious Kelly to career driven Connie?

Interestingly enough when I did some research and started
looking around at other career crazy gals I discovered I was not alone! This
“work and achieve” attitude was quite the common theme!

The next “awakening”… this striving to achieve outer world success – completely a male mentality. Can
you relate to any of these masculine drivers?

  • ·
    talent and ability to become #1
  • ·
    Strategic planning for controlled outcomes
  • Competitive and aggressive

  • ·
    Pursuit of more money, more money, more money
  • ·
    Managing and directing a team of individuals

When your mind spends a good chunk of the day focused on
these activities it can be hard to balance and “bounce” back and forth between
the feminine and the masculine.

Therein lies the problem – your day ends, you go home, but
your head is still in man mode…minor deet to consider – there’s already one man
in the relationship, no need for two! Watch out for some spontaneous combustion if you forget to
flip to feminine.

Now ladies, let’s get real, after a long day of super woman do
you really want to enter into a long night of “Butting Heads?”

Here are a few tips to keep your relationship flowing

  • ·
    When you walk thru the front door, step out of
    competitive Carl and step into soft Suzy. Men, by nature, want to take care of
    us…so LET THEM!!!
  • ·
    Even if you can do something yourself (i.e.
    opening a can of olives for that relaxing martini) ask your man to do it for
    you and gush about his strength – make him feel
    like a man.
  • ·
    Ask his advice on an issue you have and really
    listen to his suggestion. Don’t interrupt! And let him know how much you
    appreciate his wisdom.

Fall into feminine and watch your relationship dynamics
shift deliciously!