Make-Up & Hair, Oh Yes!

Trim your tresses and
put on a fabulous new face girl! Spring has sprung and with it you want to be
your most magnificent self – transformation is in the air. So what’s the first thing you need to
do to feel fresh and exciting? Head straight to the best hair salon in town of
course and get yourself an au courant “do” with lighter highlights
for that touch of glamour.

It just makes me feel
good – and it will make you feel terrific too. Try a new style, try a new
length, try a new color – the key is change. It needs the WOW factor to make you feel sassy and sexy.
your comfort zone a bit here and don’t freak out – you’re not married
to it – hair grows, color and style can be changed – just have some fun and
create a new persona.

Next stop – a great
cosmetic department. Bring a
friend for some sisterly support and cruise the counters till you find a
make-up artist’s face you like.
Zero in and ask for a free makeover -play, play, play with new colors and
applications. Ask your friend for honest critique and get yourself a fresh new

Just like a
spring flower your femininity is unfolding beautifully.