Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

A few days ago, we rang in the new year: kissing 2021 goodbye forever!

2020 might’ve been the year that shook us out of our comfort zones, but 2021 kept us on our toes too. And you’ll want to keep living on the edge of your comfort zone if you’re going to see meaningful change in 2022.

When Dianne Feinstein and a bevy of other iconic females were interviewed, they all said the key to a happy and fulfilling life involves taking risks and stepping out of your safety zone.

According to these empowered women, that’s when life becomes magical, and you are truly living into your genius and greatness.

As inspiring as that sounds, you may be saying to yourself, “That seems a little scary. Besides, I have an ok life and although my routine may get a bit monotonous at times, hey I know what to expect, and I like being in control.” If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we don’t have control over others or outside circumstances. The only thing we actually DO have control over is our mind and the way we choose to respond to others and our circumstances – that’s our point of power and empowerment!

Clinging to what you know may feel safe, but it will suck your spirit dry! You’ll be parched, wilted, lifeless, and dreamless with about as much energy as a sloth on a hot summer day. There’s no space to expand in that life, and expansion is what makes you FEEL ALIVE!!

It’s time to cleanse yourself of the things you mistakenly believe keep you safe but are actually holding you back.

It’s time to release the relationships, physical items, and emotional patterns that do not serve you anymore.

It’s time to follow your dreams and drink deeply from the well of the unknown.

Now you might be thinking, “How does one do that?” All it takes is an intention to make 2022 the year you live fully, with a willingness to be open to new opportunities, new ways of thinking, new habits, new experiences, and a commitment to bring forth consistent courage.

This means reflecting, identifying, and overcoming those things that not only keep you in your rut but didn’t work out in 2021. Then come up with new behaviors and structures that align with who you want to become; the you that embraces life and all its opportunities, that is determined to look back at your life with no regrets.

Last week, I shared my fun and fool-proof end-of-the-year review consisting of three powerful prompts. If you haven’t done so already, click here to set yourself up for the best new year. 

This week, I’m throwing in one more bonus prompt: look at the mistakes you made last year…what did you learn from them? How did you grow? In what way will you leverage that information to catapult you towards your dreams this year?

By reflecting on last year, and grounding what you learned, you will create a stronger, wiser foundation to move forward within this new year. You’ll see what areas of your life are cluttered and need cleansing so you can clear a path for more confidence and joy than you have ever experienced.

So, here’s to you living on the edge of your comfort zone to experience the freedom of being fully, fabulously YOU!! Toasting you and your courage!!!

With great love,

PS – Do you want 2022 to be your best year yet, filled with confidence, joy, and success? Then you must reflect. Try this fun and easy end-of-the-year reflection.