A friend sent me this writing on Love by Aluna Joy and I wanted to share it because the word “love” is often used loosely without much thought of its true meaning. This gives great understanding and contemplation:

All that you know, all that you feel, and believe, and trust, it is only LOVE that gives it life.
You say LOVE is the answer, but it is not. It is the question.
Love is what you make it.
So the question is how will you use LOVE today.
Love is the Creator. LOVE is the universal juice that makes things
what they are.
LOVE does not judge. It simply becomes, over and over, everything you think, feel, LOVE, and hate…
Is it LOVE so how could it do anything else but create what humanity is.
It is just LOVE, and always LOVE, and only love…
So if the question is LOVE then you are the answer!
And the answer is how you use LOVE today.

Open your heart – GIVE and RECEIVE love!